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Table of Contents

Digital Integrated Circuit Design. Working from the fundamentals of transistor-level design and building up to system-level considerations, this text demonstrates how to design state-of-the-art high performance digital integrated circuits. Chapter 1: The Basics. Chapter 2: Processing, Layout, and Related Issues.

Chapter 3: Integrated-Circuit Devices and Modeling. Chapter Integrated Memories. Chapter GaAs Digital Circuits.

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Chapter Digital System Testing. Chapter GaAs Digital Circuits Copyright Oxford University Press, Inc.


As advances in fabrication and packaging techniques are made, the operat ing speed will further increase and the cost of production will reach a point where large scale application of GaAs circuits will be economical in these and other systems where speed is paramount. This book is written for students and engineers who wish to enter into this new field of electronics for the first time and who wish to embark on a serious study of the subject of GaAs circuit design.

No prior knowledge of GaAs technology is assumed though some previous experience with MOS circuit design will be helpful. A good part of the book is devoted to circuit analysis, to the extent that is possible for non linear circuits. The circuit model of the GaAs transistor is derived from first principles and analytic formulas useful in predicting the approxi mate circuit performance are also derived.