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Their sacrifice, determination and united spirit is clear within the letter, which is extremely moving to read. Write to me when I come out. No surrender! The letter also alludes to the fact that the women campaigners in prison were regularly smuggling letters between themselves, even using sanitary towels to hide their notes in. Selina Martin — On loan from Phillip Sycamore.

‘White Gold’ in China

Whilst her family were told she was in good health and being treated well, her letters and diaries tell a very different story. During her imprisonment in Liverpool in the winter of , Selina was beaten, force-fed, and left to freeze in her cell. I was delighted with the news. I heard you go out on Tuesday next. What beastly expensive windows those are! My earliest possible is Monday Dec: 13th i. I do wish Mrs Leigh could come out too. She is having exercise now — I caught a glimpse of her on Sat: from my window and I hope she will join the big exercise going soon as Matron asked yesterday if I would shout if she did.

You have been a brick! Ninety four more tubings with luck! Vendors have been found reusing identification certificates or selling them to unlicensed dealers. The State Forestry Administration, which oversees the legal ivory trade, says it expels about three vendors each year for breaking the rules.

Since the ivory ban was rescinded, the number of licensed businesses has risen to 37 carving factories and shops. So, too, have prices. Just how much illegal ivory has crept into the country is a matter of dispute, but wildlife organizations say there is not nearly enough legal supply to match the amount officially sold across China. Conservation group investigators say licensed factories often supplement official purchases with smuggled ivory, sometimes by adding illegal pieces to legitimate carvings. One factory owner privately acknowledged that the pounds of legal ivory he acquires annually lasts just one month.

The rest, he said, is bought on the black market.

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To conservationists, the open sale of contraband ivory is just as vexing. At the Chengtian antiques market in Beijing, eight stalls sold unregistered ivory carvings. When asked if they were afraid of being arrested, the vendors confided that, much like sellers of pirated DVDs and books, they receive ample warning before the rare police crackdown.

The Sustainable Development Goals and a Substantial Reduction in Illicit Arms Flows

Ivory is etched deeply into the Chinese identity. Popular lore tells of emperors who believed ivory chopsticks would change color upon contact with poisoned food. In Chinese medicine, ivory powder is said to purge toxins from the body and give a luminous complexion. As part of its public relations effort to legitimize the trade, the government in added ivory carving to its official Intangible Cultural Heritage register, along with traditional opera, kung fu and acupuncture. In a society where Rolexes and Louis Vuitton bags are sometimes bought by the dozen, many Chinese believe that giving a trinket carved from elephant tusk confers the highest honor.

Wu said he thinks the prestige and artistry of ivory may outweigh, for enthusiasts, any potential concerns over its provenance. International conservation groups and the Chinese government have tried to raise awareness. In Africa, home to at least a million Chinese nationals, Chinese embassies send text messages warning against buying ivory, according to a government report. In Beijing and other cities, public service campaigns, including one that features the basketball star Yao Ming, link poaching to smuggled ivory. The Chinese news media frequently reports the arrests of Chinese smugglers.

Then there is the emphasis on ivory carving as a hallowed tradition. The Chinese government says it is doing all it can to stop ivory smuggling. Officials say that about seizures are made annually within China, some 90 percent of them involving Chinese travelers concealing ivory in their suitcases. Some cannot resist turning their hobby into income.

The man never needed to apologize before.

Illicit Seattle – Jeff D. Ellis

He sighed as he swooped down in a deep bow to her. She wanted to scream at him that they were friends. He did not have to use her title or bow to her. Never had to apologize for his outrageous behavior. It was why she loved him, why she tolerated everything he did. One of the few people who made her forget her station, if only for a short time. Now she had two men standing next to her, looking as if she spent the day horsewhipping them. How had the good time of the last two hours turn into this? We still have hours to go before I have to return home.

Might as well close down the end of this very sad era with a slow dance and an even slower fuck. She laughed and skipped ahead, but not before raking a heated look over the guard one last time. Ross skulked behind the small party without commenting on the playful banter, his watchful eyes taking in their surroundings. The new guard—she would have to remember to get his name later—stepped in place beside the captain. Such a lesson in contrasts, the two men. One weathered but experienced; the other virile and hell, a knock-out.

Syler brought her out of her mental musings when he linked his arm in hers and all but dragged her toward the entrance of the alleyway. The loud thumps vibrating the tinted windows of the buildings started to make rhythmic sense and he bumped hips with her as they stumbled toward the source. By the time they actually reached the main street, she almost forgot that nights like this were drawing to a close. Next week she would marry her intended and the frivolity with Syler would come to an immediate halt as she assumed her responsibilities to her community.

For tonight, though, Lia would party.

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She and Syler slipped past the bouncers holding open a velveteen rope without slowing. They frequented the place enough to be recognized on sight. The VIP room would be cleared of anyone already in there by the time they climbed the stairs. The private bartenders would have chilled drinks ready and depending on the concierge on duty tonight, Syler might have one or two pieces of eye candy to scope. Not everything about her pampered life sucked. She looked down on the crowd of bodies gyrating to the pulsing beat. Since the time she could walk it had been drilled into her to never go anywhere in public without her guards present.

She could also count the number of times she broke that edict on one hand. Turning back around, she headed closer to the bottom of the stairs. She relaxed when she spotted her escorts a moment later at the entrance to the club. The new guard apparently caused some hesitation for the bouncers. Though, something about that bugged her. That alone guaranteed him safe passage anywhere in the city. They were to be treated with the utmost respect by members of the community, almost on pain of death, otherwise. Either the bouncers were being overly cautious or perhaps, they were new to her community.

‘White Gold’ in China

She glanced up to see that Syler had already deserted her, probably to begin imbibing— again—on some drink of questionable legality. She could have laughed at that.

He behaved as if he were the one to be given away in marriage to someone he despised instead of she. True to some unwritten bouncer protocol, he tensed as the older vampire leaned close, baring elongated canines. The bouncer puffed his chest, but then relaxed his stance when another bouncer joining the discussion backed him. Throughout the encounter, her new guardsman remained aloof.

He kept his gaze solidly fixed in her general direction. Their eyes met twice during his visual sweep. The resultant spark of excitement at those moments made her inhale with a sharp breath. She was in serious trouble if she kept letting his attractiveness distract her. What would her father say if he could hear the carnal thoughts racing through her mind whenever she looked at him?

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  7. Thoughts that had her wondering just how firm his biceps truly were. Or what lay hidden beneath the second-skin of clothing he wore. Or thoughts that questioned whether what was said about werewolf virility were true. Lia snorted. Gods, if only her father knew… When the object of her fantasies looked at her again, his eyes narrowed.

    But that was impossible. At least, she thought it was impossible. Who could tell withweres? The bouncer put out an arm to block his way, but he brushed past it.