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Thanks PreservationNation. I may have to play the lottery for that one. Posted by Francine Stock at AM 0 comments. Labels: Arthur Q. Curtis and Davis , modern , Nathaniel C. Head had requested this meeting to learn more about our mission and challenges. Head noted that seeing images of the buildings in better days helped her recognize their significance.

She recommended we take our slide show on the road and present to neighborhood groups. Its possible we may have found the right fit for adaptive reuse. Listen here.

Arthur De Vany - Renewing Cycles

Wednesday, November 4, Whitney National Bank threatened. Posted by Francine Stock at PM 0 comments. Labels: Canal Street , Labouisse , modern , Parham.

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Thomy Lafon Elementary School. Thomy Lafon Elementary School , originally uploaded by regional. Davis , curtis and davis , lafon , modern , nathaniel curtis , school facilities master plan , schools. Meditation IV , originally uploaded by francinestock. Labels: , New Orleans , pechakucha. Charles R. Colbert, architect, Thursday, October 8, New Orleans magazine :: paying attention. Mollere Summer House Albert Ledner, architect, Ponchatoula, Louisiana. Uploaded by regional. Posted by Francine Stock at PM 1 comments.

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Wheatley listed on World Monuments Fund Watch Wheatley listed on World Monuments Fund Watch , originally uploaded by regional. Posted by Francine Stock at AM 1 comments. Back in June a blog reader sent me a jpg of this unmarked photo looking for help. I posted the image here and in my flickr. It took three months, but we now have a positive identification. It was totally gutted and renovated. The church reopened on October 22, New Orleans Church reopens; "blessed, beautiful' after the storm. A very special thanks to Carol Reese for helping us identify this structure.

Labels: church , mystery modern , New Orleans , pontchartrain park. Posted by Francine Stock at AM 5 comments. Labels: fema , lafon , New Orleans , schools , wheatley. NOW is the time for all good architects, preservationists and active citizens to come to the aid of the Wheatley and Lafon Schools threatened with imminent demolition by the so-called Recovery School District.

Submit public comments in support of preservation. Deadline Wednesday 9. Statement on Lafon coming soon. I support the preservation and adaptive reuse of the Philis Wheatley Elementary School, the master work of the architect Charles R. Colbert, and one of the most important mid-century modern buildings in the state of Louisiana. I encourage the planners and architects of the Recovery School District to open their hearts and minds to consider the renovation of this historic structure. I would like to remind them that the Wheatley School has been deemed eligible to National Register of Historic Places.

This means tax credits and good karma! Docomomo Louisiana has presented the RSD with a proposal for how to address issues of program on this site by adding a 3-story structure traditional scale of most neighborhood schools connected via elevated passage to the original and renovated school building. Architects are educated to solve problems with creativity and technology. In the past fifty years, engineers have developed numerous advances is glazing technologies impact resistant, energy efficient, any range of translucency you desire.

Architects can solve any perceived negative condition and maintain the luminous spirit of the school. Give them the opportunity to see the future reborn. This piece of architecture is a gem - a true diamond in the rough.

[PDF Download] It Happened by Design: The Life and Work of Arthur Q. Davis [Read] Online

Let it shine. Labels: fema , New Orleans , schools , wheatley. Monday, September 28, Save Wheatley School!

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Charles Colbert's master work is threatened with imminent demolition at the hands of the Recovery School Board. Docomomo Louisiana considers Phillis Wheatley Elementary School one of the ten most important modernist buildings in the state. Now it's your turn.

Labels: Charles Colbert , curtis and davis , lafon , preservation , schools , threatened , wheatley. Tuesday, September 22, Lafon Elementary School :: public meeting. Lafon School threatened , originally uploaded by regional. Monday, September 21, Wheatley Elementary School :: make your voice heard. Wheatley Elementary threatened , originally uploaded by regional. He has vivid memories of an annual parade when school kids stepped to the Bell High School band and threw Mardi Gras beads to neighbors and also of directing all the young students across Saint Ann Street when he worked as a patrol guard in the sixth grade under the guidance of his favorite teacher, Mr.

Grand Prix. The Lafitte housing complex that grounded this community was almost entirely demolished for redevelopment last spring and summer and now the school is slated to be razed by the New Orleans Recovery School District. As part of the section review FEMA is sponsoring a public meeting in addition to the online public comment period. Public comments may also be submitted online. Labels: Charles Colbert , fema , wheatley. Friday, September 18, Hoffman Elementary sunrise - sunset Prieur Street.

Councilwoman Stacy Head expressed regret regarding ordering the demolition of a historic structure. Representatives of the Recovery School District verbally promised to move the Hoffman site up to phase two, and possibly phase one if they can secure the financing. It is tragic that the RSD outright refuses to renovate this structure. Councilwomen Head and Clarkson invited Docomomo Louisiana to meet to discuss critical modernist public structures which are endangered.

It's possible that if the RSD chose renovation over rebuild for five schools, we could get a sixth school renovated for free. Labels: Charles Colbert , city council , demolished , Hoffman , schools. Tuesday, September 15, Hoffman Elementary threatened. Hoffman Elementary threatened , originally uploaded by regional. New State Office Building , originally uploaded by regional. Labels: civic center , demolished , mayor , New Orleans. Pre-cast concrete space frame system. Pre-cast units held together with post-tensioned steel cables.

Simon Bolivar Ave.

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Central City. He was then sent to Washington DC, where he worked as a ship camouflage artist in the Bureau of Ships c.

Hays, and Eliot O'Hara. He recalls: I developed a very effective ship camouflage design for painting these massive forms [destroyers, cruisers, even New Jersey Class battleships] and was sent down to the Brooklyn Navy Yard to assist with the actual painting of the ship…Using a long stick with chalk on the end, I drew the patterns on the actual hull in accordance with the design I had developed in the studio in Washington. It was he who designed the camouflage for the USS Missouri. He continues: I was very happy working in Washington at the Bureau of Ships' Camouflage Department and would have stayed there indefinitely, but instead he was reassigned to the Pacific war zone.

Next he published The Cottage Book , documenting the traditional cottage designs and architecture of the San Francisco Bay area.

Richard Sexton | 64 Parishes

Created in collaboration with architect Arthur Q. Davis of Arthur Q.

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Davis was published in Richard "Richard Sexton. Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities, —. Article published September 12, David Johnson. Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities, 12 Sep Cizek, Eugene D.