PDF Paddling Her Own Canoe: The Times and Texts of E. Pauline Johnson (Tekahionwake)

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Toronto: U of Toronto P, Anyone familiar with the literary criticism on early twentieth-century Canada knows that the writer and performer Pauline Johnson has long been a source of fascination for students of the period. Because she occupied both Native and White worlds, and because her work contributes something to dialogues on race, women, performance, and imperial identity in the young Canada, she has been the subject of several studies, most of them biographical.

As biographies must, these examinations of the poet and performer seek the identity of their subject by attempting to recreate the person.

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Biographies often serve as bellwethers for the interests of the times when they are written, and the continuing appearance of new ones about Johnson demonstrates that she still provokes many questions for contemporary scholars. This practice is especially difficult in the case of someone like Johnson, many of whose private papers were burned by her sister Eliza shortly after her death. Pauline Johnson—Tekahionwake , Carole Gerson and Veronica Strong-Boag do not attempt another biography of Johnson but undertake, instead, an analysis of the texts that she wrote in the contexts of her own time.

Freeing themselves in this way from the necessity of heavy speculation on a life that is inaccessible to readers, they devote the book to a reconstruction of the milieu in which Johnson lived and to a scrutiny of writings by and about her.

Indigenous Studies Portal :: E. Pauline Johnson (Tekahionwake}

One of the fruits of their bibliographical research is a detailed chronology of her publications, a chronology that enables them to challenge the pattern of development into which other critics have persistently tried to place the poet-performer. Their inquiry into the expectations of the markets for which Johnson wrote suggests that writers like her addressed, at different times, two very different audiences.

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The first chapter extensively reviews the various attitudes toward race at the end of the nineteenth century, dwelling particularly on ideas of racial hybridity in Canada. In this way, they begin to outline the sense of conflict under which they subsequently argue that Johnson lived and worked.

Not a suffragist herself, her own position on the feminist movement that helped to generate the New Woman was characterized by her apparent idea that the sexes occupied "complementary" roles 94 and by a liberal toryism that she shared with her family, not to mention many other Canadians.

Paddling Her Own Canoe: The Times and Texts of E. Pauline Johnson (Tekahionwake)

Her Native identity, and the sporadic political commentary in which she eloquently pointed out the flaws in the logic that relegated Native peoples to a place in the past, were heavily mediated by an environment full of White admirers and readers Although she was constructed by others in ways that silenced her most outspoken social commentary, however, she never entirely abandoned the effort to make it.

Like her sister and brothers, Pauline Johnson was the product of a country, Canada, which was, for the most part, committed to a politics of racism; of a nation, the Six Nations, which desperately sought accommodation for its own traditions; and of a family which was hard put to maintain itself within a Mixed-race elite. A literary-minded youngest child, Johnson had to make sense of a complicated heritage, full of contradictions and ambiguities.

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As a performer, Gerson and Strong-Boag argue, Johnson negotiated between elite and popular culture, establishing a performance space for herself that was unique for a Native performer of the day. Pauline Johnson was an extraordinary woman who crossed the racial and gendered lines of her time, and thereby confounded Canadian society.

This study reclaims both her writings and her larger significance. Pauline Johnson Tekahionwake University of Toronto Press, , and of many other books on Canada, and the place of women in Canadian history. Condition: Good. Former Library book.

Paddling Her Own Canoe

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Overview Aims and Scope The only major scholarly study that examines E. Melissa Otis, Independent Scholar: "Well written and informative, this book is highly recommended for readers interested in the nineteenth- and early twentieth-century history of Native women, the history of Native women, the New Woman, writers, and performers. Comments 0 Please log in or register to comment. General note: By using the comment function on degruyter.