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Watson, Mr. Not even the double blow of the Gallipoli and Lusitania disasters that led to my removal as First Lord of the Admiralty left me in a state of despair as the one I found myself in after my fourteenth birthday. But he made it onto the stage and took his place at the lectern without any help. The applause was thunderous, and I wondered if maybe I should put the philosophers aside and start writing crime stories.

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Look at the advances in police work. No sir, now they check for fingerprints and footprints. Risks are minimal. All of the stories have been written and submitted by the authors. The only risk would be completing the editing and publishing of the book on time. We have never been late on a project before, and we do not expect any delay which would make this book later than the expected early release date.

Beyond Watson Ebook A pdf copy of Beyond Watson plus your name added to the special thanks section of the anthology. Plus your name added to the Beyond Watson Special Thanks section. Beyond Watson Book A softcover copy of Beyond Watson, a pdf copy of the book, plus your name added to the special thanks section of the anthology. You get the original cover art to Beyond Watson by artist Brian Belanger plus the design sketches.

Mar 19, - Apr 18, 30 days. Share this project Done. Tweet Share Email. A collection of new Sherlock Holmes written by some of today's best authors and told by voices other than that of Dr. Derrick Belanger. Last updated August 25, Share this project. Would you like to know how Holmes met Mrs. How about the time when Charlie Chaplin befriended Billy the Page? Also, we will use the profits as seed money for additional Sherlock Holmes story collections. Authors and the Stories Here are the Beyond Watson authors with excerpts from their stories. Geri Schear - author of A Biased Judgement.

Marcia Wilson - author of You Buy Bones. Richard Paolinelli - author of Reservations. It soon emerges, to the hiding Watson's horror, that Holmes has been sickened by the same illness that killed Smith's cousin Victor. Smith then sees the little ivory box, which he had sent to Holmes by post, and which contains a sharp spring infected with the illness. Smith pockets it, removing the evidence of his crime. He then resolves to stay there and watch Holmes die.

Holmes asks Smith to turn the gas up full, which Smith does. Smith then asks Holmes if he would like anything else, to which Holmes replies—no longer in the voice of a man near death—"a match and a cigarette. Holmes tells Morton to arrest Culverton Smith for the murder of his cousin, and perhaps also for the attempted murder of Sherlock Holmes. Smith, still as arrogant as ever, points out that his word is as good as Holmes's in court, but Holmes then calls for Watson to emerge from behind the screen, to present himself as another witness to the conversation.

Holmes explains his illness was feigned as a ruse to induce Smith to confess to his cousin's murder.

Holmes was not infected by the little box; he has enough enemies to know that he must always examine his mail carefully before he opens it. Starving himself for three days and the claim of the "disease's" infectious nature was to keep Watson from examining him and discovering the ruse, since, as he clarifies, he has every respect for his friend's medical skills. In the story, the killer Culverton Smith's motive for killing his cousin, Victor Savage, is mentioned in an offhand remark by Holmes that Savage stood between "this monster [Smith] and a reversion.

The setting date may be inferred from Watson's mention of it being "the second year of my marriage", the first having been Inspector Morton is referred to in a familiar fashion but this is his only appearance in canon.

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Canonical scholar Leslie S. Tropical disease specialist William A.

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New York: W. Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview In the dawn of Sherlock Holmes is locked in a deadly game of wits with the sinister Professor James Moriarty; but events will soon transpire which will question the very outcome of Reichenbach.

The Last Confession of Sherlock Holmes - A Review - I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere

With Holmes presumed dead, the streets of London are panic-stricken, as a resurrected terror takes hold of the city; whilst in the upper-echelons of Government, a singular, undetectable force can once again be felt manipulating the criminal underworld. The ever reliable Dr. Watson has deceived us all, as he finally reveals the far more shocking events which led to both the return of Sherlock Holmes and his involvement in the suppression of London's most notorious criminal. Product Details. Average Review.

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A Professor Reflects on Sherlock Holmes. The uniqueness of this book is the essays and activities that include both serious and The uniqueness of this book is the essays and activities that include both serious and farcical writings about Arthu Conan Doyle's, Sherlock Holmes.